The 2014 All Value Team

Through the last couple of weeks we've brought you our position by position player rankings and players to target, but instead of simply saying draft this guy or that guy I wanted to put my targets to the test against's average draft position. To see how things shake out I came up with the "2014 All Value Team" draft where I am allowed to choose only the players I view as … [Read more...]

2014 Tight Ends To Target

The tight end position is as deep as it ever has been and there is plenty of value to be found, but there are a few tight ends that stand out to me as special values this year. If you're not willing to draft Jimmy Graham in the first round or spend an early round pick on an injury risk like Rob Gronkowski, then this post is for you. Expecting any tight end to step in to the Jimmy Graham tier … [Read more...]

2014 Wide Receivers To Target

I'm sure you've noticed by now that the NFL is now a passing league and out of all positions in the league this year wide receiver is by far the deepest position of them all and there's a ton of value. As much as I would love to have a top tier receiver like Calvin Johnson, Demaryius Thomas or A.J. Green, you can wait a little while on receiver and still have great value so if you have a … [Read more...]

2014 Running Backs To Target

I have to be honest, after last year's historic running back collapse, I find it hard to trust running backs at all this year. The top 4 backs in our running back rankings are no brainers (or as much of a no brainer as RB's can be these days) but after that tier I don’t love this year’s crop of RB's much at all. Instead I’ve been tinkering with a wide receiver heavy draft strategy for most of … [Read more...]

2014 Quarterbacks To Target

Two weeks ago we rolled out our 2014 quarterback rankings where I listed my top 30 overall signal callers, but just because they’re good enough to be on my list doesn’t mean I want them all on my team. For example there's no way I'm spending a first round pick on Peyton Manning, and the same goes for Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers as well. It's not because I don't like them... they're all … [Read more...]